2023 Bentley Bentayga wins a hybrid model (again)

Bentley has also expanded the availability of the hybrid powertrain when it returns, making it available not only on the standard Bentayga, but also on the S model introduced last year, as well as the new Azure version for 2023. At the time of As of this writing, it’s unclear whether extended wheelbase versions of the Bentayga will also be offered with electrification.

The S and Azure models serve very different purposes. Compared to the standard Bentayga, the sporty S comes with a stiffer suspension thanks to a 15% increase in shock absorber stiffness, a louder exhaust and a modified setting of the stability control system to make it more dynamic. . Conversely, the Azure prioritizes comfort with standard 22-way adjustable heated and ventilated front seats and 15 interior upholstery color choices to deliver a personalized and serene cabin experience.

The fact that these two models can share the same powertrain speaks to the versatility offered by electrification. The torque from the electric motor can be used to make the vehicle more exhilarating or to start it off smoothly and quietly to provide a feeling of luxury.

The Bentayga Hybrid will be available to order from this fall, with deliveries starting in spring 2023.

Edmunds says

Even in ultra-luxury SUVs, efficiency and lower emissions can be priorities and we’re glad to see the Bentayga again offering a plug-in hybrid.

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