Amalgam’s Ferrari 296 GTB Scale Model Costs More Than A Used Car, But We Want It

Scale model specialists Amalgam have presented their latest offering, the beautifully recreated Ferrari 296 GTB in 1:8 scale. The company has a long-standing collaboration with Ferrari to ensure that the handcrafted model is as accurate as possible, receiving official approval from the Ferrari Centro Stile.

The scale model is based on the original CAD drawings and is made from high quality materials using Ferrari’s own paint codes and specifications. Each unit takes over 300 hours to complete, while the development work for the 296 GTB took 3,000 hours.

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Looking at the photos, it’s hard to find a fault, and you could easily be tricked into thinking you’re looking at the full-size model. The exterior looks brand new with the carbon fiber accents, authentic paint, mesh on the air intakes and extremely detailed lighting units. Opening the doors, you’ll notice equally impressive work on the dashboard, while the upholstery of the seats even has red stitching.

Amalgam’s Ferrari 296 GTB is limited to 199 units priced at €12,062 ($13,762) each. That sounds steep for a scale model, but judging by the €269,000 ($306,908) starting price of the current supercar, we’re guessing plenty of owners will love adding it to their collection. After all, Amalgam offers the option of bespoke models, so you can match the specifications of your own Ferrari.

If you want to take a closer look at the scale model, you can visit a Ferrari dealership across Central Europe from Amalgam sent some examples for presentation purposes. Besides the 1:8 option, there is a smaller 1:12 model in development which should be more affordable.

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