British man puts flyers with LinkedIn profile on cars in company parking lot and gets hired

Sending resumes and filling out application forms are usually the standard ways to apply for a job. However, a Briton got to thinking and found a creative way to land a job. In an astonishing guerrilla marketing stunt, the man plastered his resume on every vehicle in a company’s parking lot.

While it’s not uncommon for candidates to highlight strengths that set them apart from the crowd, Jonathan Swift has made sure his future employers know why he’s an ideal candidate for the position of marketer.

Instead of opting for a traditional resume, Swift had flyers printed with her name, photo, and a QR code advertising her LinkedIn profile. After printing brochures from InstantPrintUK, the very company he wanted to apply to, he stuck them on every vehicle in their car park to grab attention.

The trick worked wonders. He quickly became the talk of the office and was hired as the marketing manager for the company.

Craig Wassell, marketing manager at InstantPrintUK, shared CCTV footage of Swift busy at “work”, securing brochures with windscreen wipers.

“We were indeed ‘introduced’ by a candidate applying for a job on our marketing team,” the company first wrote on Twitter last week. Impressed by Swift’s ingenuity, they added, “It’s definitely a way to stand out.”

“What better way to stand out than to hand out 500 flyers with my face in the company parking lot? “Says the 24-year-old candidate. Yorkshire Post.

Wassell told the local daily that he was alerted by security to take a closer look at what was going on. When it became apparent that the fliers were in fact an application for the position he was recruiting for, he invited Swift for an interview.

“Jonathan’s application more than caught my attention. It showed that he had researched the brand and had the right attitude, creativity and sense of humor to fit right in with the team, Wassell told Mirror.

Although he received all the accolades, Swift admitted it wasn’t his brainchild. He said he was inspired by a similar Instantprint employee who got a job on the company’s design team after having her picture printed on the company’s roll-up banners.

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