Car dealership slams police inaction after confronting suspected thief

A car dealership who used startling CCTV footage to track down and confront a suspected car thief after his vehicle was stolen from the dealership’s forecourt has slammed police for their inaction.

Michael Kiernan Cars sales manager Paddy Collins has taken to social media to share footage of the man who allegedly smashed an office window to steal his keys before fleeing in his Mercedes-Benz A-Class A 14-plate hatchback.

But he found police unwilling to help when they located the suspect at his home just days after the incident at the Birmingham Road retail business, Ansley, near Nuneaton, around 11am on April 14 .

Collins said police refused to come forward when he located and confronted the man shown in the CCTV footage – who denied involvement when questioned – and later received an email saying that there would be no inquest for another eight days.

“I basically did the job of the police and handed this guy over to them on a plate, but they’re doing nothing, said an angry Collins, whose vehicle was not located through his investigative efforts. .

Evidence: Window broken at Michel Kiernan CarsHe said: ‘The message I got from the police was that the investigator was on night shift and would then be on annual leave so it would be eight days before they could investigate.

” I can not believe it. I was actually standing in front of this guy on the phone with the police and they wouldn’t come.

“The person we found was definitely the man in the CCTV footage. There’s no doubt about it. He has a very distinctive tattoo.

Collins said he had worked for Michael Kiernan Cars, which is owned and operated by David Kiernan, for about a year and had never been the victim of a crime at the company.

Now he just wants the police to take action to reassure him that this and future issues will be dealt with.

“After what has happened so far, I have no confidence in the police,” he said.

AM has contacted Warwickshire Police for comment.

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