Car ownership: Ditching private petrol and diesel cars must be a ‘balance’

Sean Kemple, spokesman for Close Brothers Motor Finance, warned that there are shared ownership models that |will work for people| and help move away from petrol and diesel cars. However, he warned that many people “couldn’t carpool” and shouldn’t be forced to.

He said there shouldn’t be a “one brush fits all” approach because motorists have different road experiences.

Speaking to, he said: “I think there will be a balance that will happen.

“We could list the number of affected people who simply wouldn’t be able to do car sharing or wouldn’t be able to do a use model rather than an ownership model.

“We might think of people working in the NHS with different working hours, how do they use it? How do they handle this?

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She said these included car club programs, scooters and bike shares.

She said: “We are reaching a tipping point where shared mobility in the form of car clubs, scooters and bike sharing will soon be a realistic option for many of us to get around.

“Where mobility hubs become a familiar part of our street architecture and all of these options will be available to book and pay at the touch of a smartphone.

“I think the benefits are really significant: from clean air, to healthier populations, to greater connectivity for more people, wherever they live.”

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