Car Waiting Times, Effects of Rising Fuel Prices, and More: Indian Automotive Market Sales Analyzed: The CarWale Podcast

There have been many tough times over the past few months, whether it’s personal, professional, or a mix of the two. As we try to navigate our way, adjusting to the new normal, we take a look back at the challenges that the entire auto industry has faced over the past two years, as well as an in-depth sales analysis. of cars, be it is the rise and fall of particular products or the causes behind them. We discuss all of this, and then others, with CarWale analyst guru Nikhil Puthran. Click the link below to listen to our latest episode of the podcast.

Car Waiting Times, Effects of Rising Fuel Prices, and More: Analysis of Indian Automotive Market Sales | Episode 28 | The CarWale podcast

Sales Analysis of Indian Automotive Market

In recent years, we have seen a surge in demand for SUVs of all kinds, whether it is hardcore 4×4 SUVs or even compact SUVs and micro-SUVs as they are commonly referred to. The demand for SUVs is now almost as high as that for sedans. But what exactly is going on? Are there any statistics to support the same? To find out everything, click on the link above.

What have been the important factors that have affected the automotive industry in the recent past?

Maruti Suzuki Swift exhaust pipes

The auto industry had barely gotten past the blowout of BS3’s hot sale, and although manufacturers and dealers alike were better prepared this time around, the transition to BS6 was nothing short of chaotic. This was followed by a global pandemic which led to a nationwide lockdown, where manufacturers, for the first time in India, even declared zero sales in March 2020. The COVID-19 situation ‘has improved and sales have skyrocketed, only to be hit by another setback in the form of a semiconductor chip shortage, which is not expected to end anytime soon. The waiting times for models have gone from three months to over a year! What models are they and how long should you wait before getting their hands on their new precious possession? Click on the link above to find out.

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