Financial support via loans

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Asking for a loan is not simple, but it is not easy to be a teacher and educate future generations of our country.

A teacher not only needs continuous training in order to improve their level of education but also, needs to be guaranteed their labor rights and to have better living conditions.

Gone are the times in which teachers were considered a kind of sensei or even a “jedi” as in Star Wars.

The reality is that teachers are human humans too full of emotions, feelings, needs, and ways in which they want to improve their work.

Demystifying teachers is ideally the first step we can take towards the consolidation of their rights. The recurrent idea that a teacher is more like a martyr because he has a heavy workload should be left behind, the good teacher is dedicated to doing everything he can to continue transmitting knowledge.

How can a teacher improve their quality of life? There are many ways in which a teacher can project the security of knowledge and the peace of healthy finances in the classroom. Teachers also have dreams and dreams that they wish to fulfill and that are not necessarily within the classroom.

If you are a teacher, have you asked yourself all the opportunities that you might be missing for not requesting financial support such as a loan or a loan? Surely you have done a lot of research in this regard in order to know the benefits of a loan and everything you can do.

You already know the best practices to have a healthier finance, you already know how to manage an expense and how to make your money yield much more but simply, you still do not completely decide to request a financing of this nature. A great way to choose to take a credit or not is to evaluate the opportunities it represents.

What do you think if we analyze the personal, family and professional opportunities that you would be missing by not requesting a loan? Remember that you can always improve your opportunities while you have sufficient liquidity to do so. You must assume your role as a generator of change and, if that were not enough, make that evolution possible.

If life is what happens while you do not dare to make decisions then, your destiny will be uncertain.

You will live tied to a life in which you work to pay instead of enjoying the salary you receive for your work. Only you know your dreams and your plans, but you have to know and keep in mind that in Credifiel we can help you to fulfill them.

Here are some reasons why you could hire a loan from

How long has your salary not increased?

On many occasions, we stop doing what we want due to lack of budget. Whether you want to make renovations to your home or plan a change of furniture, sometimes your salary does not allow you to start all those actions.

You can do different things like finding ways to increase your income or ask for a raise.

The reality is that it is not about you starting to misbehave because in addition to your classes you have to start a business, and it is not about you starting, for example, to have more than one group or shifts in different schools.

What can you do in that case? You can not expect a whole salary increase for the work you do.

When you apply for a loan you can start to make the plans you have in mind without pressure because your liquidity is running out. Unlike a credit card, a personal loan is charged directly to your payroll so you would not have delays in payments and you would be calm and without the pressure of having to go to the bank to pay.

You still pay rent

Many people pay rent all their lives, and it’s not that it’s wrong, those people have managed to recognize that rent is one of those basic expenses and that, if they do not, they could have to live in their father’s house all their lives in a situation that would be uncomfortable for many people.

However, if your idea is to acquire a house or a department and, in this way, to secure the patrimony of your children, the last thing you have to do is sit back and wait for the money to reach you. When you want to become a patrimony, the opportunities must be sought by you.

You will wonder how you could acquire such a big commitment. Maybe they have given you a large mortgage loan, but it is not enough for factors such as the deed or simply to make the necessary adjustments to your home.

In that case, you can pay for these expenses with Credifiel and its credits to teachers, because we are a safe and fast way to maintain your liquidity.

In addition, although it is not common there are real estate auctions and in this way, you could make a house even in an area that you love. Sometimes we only see things superficially and we can not see beyond the obvious. Open your eyes well and analyze all the possibilities you have of buying a house, well they say that the one you are looking for finds.

Are you waiting to open a business?

Previously we said that you should not pressure yourself for having a business or another responsibility. However, it is a fact that, just as there are people who do not want more obligations, many others want to do a business with which they have always dreamed. Whether it is to put a flower shop or a restaurant, you can achieve it.

Generally, people seek to open a business in order to improve their current income and, in addition, they want to start providing employment to others or a heritage for the descendants. However, many times the lack of money causes us to leave behind these growth plans.

Applying for a loan can help us start our business regardless of the money order. In any case, you would be acquiring a “good debt” because it is an investment. When you start your business you can start the settlement of the credit you just hired.

You can not ascend at work

It is a reality that all people want to advance in their work and particularly, the education sector is moved by the different positions that can be inside a school.

However, better jobs require much more academic specialization that, like everything in this life, costs not only money but much effort.

What do you expect to seek professional growth? Suppose you have a degree that allows you to give your classes, but at some point, along the way, you would like to be the assistant principal and at the end the principal of the school. As long as you try, you could realize this dream that would take you not only to job growth but to the staff.

Asking for a loan can help you pay for your specialty or master’s payments and, in addition, you would be learning what you love doing: education.

Going to the bottom of things can lead you to see the great benefits of undertaking future plans and, in that sense, contracting a loan can be a great opportunity to make those plans. A credit for teachers like those granted by Credifiel can be a great opportunity for your development.