ComplyNet Builds Dealer Relationships in Illinois

About a month after establishing a relationship with Kentucky dealersComplyNet landed a similar achievement this week with dealerships in a border state.

The Illinois Automobile Dealers Association announced that it has selected ComplyNet as its Authorized Partner for Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Compliance Solutions.

ComplyNet said in a press release that it will bring its 28 years of proprietary automotive compliance solutions and expertise to the nearly 750 IADA franchise dealer members statewide.

“We love ComplyNet’s approach to guiding dealers towards a culture of compliance through participation and accountability using intuitive software solutions, and our members already highly recommend ComplyNet,” said the IADA Executive Director. , Joe McMahon, in the press release. “Not only will ComplyNet provide members with the necessary solutions, ComplyNet will also participate with the IADA in providing education and awareness efforts to prevent accidents, injuries, claims and regulatory fines.

“If our efforts prevent a single accident and the employee returns home safely at the end of the workday, then the time and commitment are worth it,” McMahon continued.

ComplyNet provides compliance solutions to thousands of dealerships across the United States using ComplyNet’s ABLE Platform, an end-to-end compliance management system designed to be intuitive and easy to use for help dealers track their efforts and achieve their regulatory goals.

And with Bluegrass State, the company now has dealer endorsements across Lincoln Country.

“ComplyNet was founded in Illinois and our team is extremely proud and honored to have achieved IADA approval, said ComplyNet President and General Counsel Adam Crowell.

“When it comes to dealer representation, IADA is a beacon of excellence, and we strive to help IADA by providing the best education, outreach, and technology solutions that are intuitive, easy to use and complete,” Crowell went on to say.

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