Drug dealer calls in the middle of the night: Highland Heights police blotter


Disruption: Sandhurst Drive

A woman reported at 4:10 a.m. on December 25 that a known drug dealer was at her house to collect $ 40 owed to her. Several people were found in a vehicle at the home, and one was arrested for mishandling a firearm in a vehicle. Others had active mandates but were not picked up by the respective agencies.

Special attention: Millridge Road

A woman demanded special attention at her home on December 21 because she said she had an altercation with a man at an auto parts store earlier and feared he would retaliate .

Impaired Driving: Interstate-271

A woman was arrested for OVI on December 22 after losing control of her vehicle and crashing into a ditch at around 2:15 a.m.

Auto Theft: Wilson Mills Road

A woman reported on December 23 that her vehicle was broken into while in the Denny’s parking lot and several items were stolen there. No suspect has been identified.

General Assistance: Castlehill Drive

A woman said on December 24 that her son was involved in a minor accident and is now receiving harassing text messages from family members of the other driver. She said they were upset because she said she would not be dealing directly with them since she filed a claim with the insurance company.

The incident was documented and the woman said she would call back if the harassment continued.

Breach of Protection Order: Stanwell Drive

A man was arrested for violating a protection order against his sister on December 26 after entering her home.

Auto theft: Bishop Road

A truck was reportedly broken into in the Swagelok parking lot on December 27.

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