Famous car dealership Michael Oz shows growth during post-pandemic car shortage

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida., July 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — While many businesses across the country have struggled to pivot and survive during the pandemic, a famous auto dealer Michael Oz doubled its digital efforts and found great success. Oz began as a luxury car dealership over thirteen years ago, and through innovation and disruption, it has enjoyed enormous success and an ever-growing list of celebrity clients.

One such innovation was to create a digital platform that allowed users to shop for luxury vehicles across the country to find a lease that best suited their needs. Recognized for its absolute dedication to professionalism and white-glove treatment for customers, this “Amazon of Cars” platform has also delivered users’ new vehicles right to their doorsteps. After consistently selling over $50 million worth of vehicles, Oz is now excited to expand DriveOz.coma platform that offers the same high-end approach it’s known for to luxury car sellers and buyers, but to customers nationwide.

Talking about why DriveOz came to fruition, Michael Oz says, “I saw an industry that needed to change. Things were slow to adapt in the automotive sector and people lost faith in sales professionals over the years. I wanted to bring the same combination of technology and service to the car buyer that the tech giants have brought to retail buyers.

With the opening of its new luxury car dealership in South FloridaOz drive motors, Michael Oz is prepared to provide its services to both its typical clientele of celebrities, professional athletes and luxury car enthusiasts, as well as to new clients who may find the same level of luxury treatment through its domain in line.

One of his biggest passions is helping teach budding entrepreneurs how to get by, which is why Oz strives to grow his social media reach. Oz makes itself available to customers looking for a new luxury vehicle and entrepreneurs looking for advice on how to succeed via DM on its Instagram @ozsoldit. Oz believes in giving back to the community by donating both his time to help teach startups as well as his contributions to philanthropic causes.

Long heralded as the top luxury vehicle broker in the Southeast region, DriveOz.com opens the services of this in-demand celebrity stockist to anyone across the country who wants to work with the best, even if they are not located in South Florida. If you’re the kind of person who demands the best of all worlds, Michael Oz is the go-to man for all your luxury vehicle needs.

Michael Oz
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