Greek company “Ultracar” SP Automotive launches $ 14 million car with 3,065 horsepower


The SP Automotive Chaos is the very first “Ultracar” in the world according to its manufacturers. We can’t really disagree either. If he does make real production, he would be more powerful than anything that came before him.

It is saying a lot too. The Bugatti Chiron leaves the factory with 1,577 horsepower. The SSC Tuatara is said to have 1,750 horsepower. American rival, the Hennessey Venom F5 sets the bar at 1,817. Even the Rimac Nevera, the fastest accelerating car in the world, produces ONLY 1,888 horsepower.

Hopefully that puts things in perspective when we tell you that the SP Automotive Chaos puts out 2,049 horsepower in its base configuration. This trim is called the “Earth Version” and it can apparently also generate 1,025 lb-ft of torque. It is said to have a 10,000 RPM red line.

Then, of course, we come to the “Zero Gravity” trim level which includes the full power of 3,065 horsepower. The torque is increased to 1,463 lb-ft. According to SP Automotive, the Chaos Zero Gravity can go from 0 to 60 in just 1.55 seconds and over a quarter mile in just 7.5.

There is no doubt that he looks this quick even when stationary. His angles and extreme shapes are genuinely unique among his contemporaries. The interior is equally shocking.

The steering wheel, like much of the car and even the engine itself, uses 3D printed parts. They form an almost organic shape as they expand to become the handles of the wheel.

Of course, we take all of these claims with a grain of salt the size of a glacier. Realizing any of these demands, let alone all of them, would be a real shock to the system. To simply build a production-production twin-turbo V10 that produces so much power at this kind of rpm would be incredible.

SP Automotive says it has already sold a Chaos but has not disclosed its price. They say potential customers can expect to pay anywhere from $ 6.4 million to $ 14.4 million depending on the configuration.

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