Here’s why you should buy a Lucid Air over a Tesla Model S

In our age of increasing climate instability, electric vehicles are at the forefront of society’s attempts to mitigate impending catastrophe. As we move away from fossil fuels and explore renewable energy, electric cars will continue to grow in popularity.

But where to start ? Are all EVs the same? Today we’re going to look at a few cars from two of the most popular EV manufacturers: Lucid Engines and Tesla. We’ll break down the specs and explain why you should choose the Lucid Air over the Tesla Model S if you’re looking for a luxury electric vehicle.

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Lucid Air: the right price

If you’re considering a luxury electric vehicle for your next car, price might not be your main concern. However, even the most prolific spenders appreciate a bargain. The Lucid Air is available in four versions: Pure, Touring, Grand Touring and the Lucid Air Dream Edition.

The 2022 Lucid Air Pure starts at $77,400. Compare that to Tesla’s base Model S, which has a starting price of $95,000. While Lucid’s Air models quickly increase in cost as you go up in trim level, its entry-level offering is still much cheaper than Tesla’s.

The Lucid Air has a 4-year/50,000-mile limited warranty and an 8-year/100,000-mile powertrain and battery warranty. Tesla offers customers a 4-year/50,000-mile limited warranty and an 8-year/150,000-mile powertrain warranty.

The Lucid Air offers the freedom to travel further

The main disadvantage of electric vehicles is the limited range of EV batteries. As the industry continues to make progress in this area – although often at the expense of indigenous communities — the undeniable fact is that electric vehicles face limitations resulting from the need for a source of electricity.

Enter the lucid air. The company’s premium Lucid Air Dream Edition can travel 520 miles on a single full charge. That’s 115 miles longer than Tesla’s base Model S and 124 miles longer than Tesla’s top-of-the-line Plaid model. And, up to 406 miles per charge, Lucid’s base model beats the Tesla Model S by a mile.

In terms of charging capabilities, the Lucid Air is superior to the Model S. The Lucid Air takes approximately 13 hours to reach a full charge using a 240-volt outlet or public Level 2 charging station. If plugged in on a DC fast charging station, the Lucid Air can restore 300 miles of power in 20 minutes of charging.

By comparison, the Model S stores 34 miles of range for every hour it’s plugged into a 240-volt outlet or Level 2 charging station. Using a Tesla boost station will give 200 miles of battery life. driving in 15 minutes.

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Lucid Air Packs Game Changing Technology

Technology and functionality are key when it comes to luxury electric vehicles. While the Tesla Model S has long dominated the EV industry as the standard for high-tech green cars, the Lucid Air is fast outpacing its competitor.

The newcomer features a 34-inch tri-panel touchscreen behind the steering wheel, as well as a fourth touchscreen in the center console.

Lucid’s three-panel display is known as the Glass Cockpit, and each of its three sections controls distinct characteristics of the car. Its fourth screen, the Pilot Panel, lets you control the car’s climate control and adjust your seats.

On the other hand, Tesla’s base Model S only has one touchscreen. While some drivers may appreciate the convenience of a single panel, its position makes distracted driving easier. In short, by placing the primary displays behind the steering wheel, Lucid allows drivers to navigate critical vehicle controls while remaining focused on the road.

The perfect combination of power and luxury

The Lucid Air continues to prove that it is a game changer. The company’s top-of-the-line Air Dream Edition Performance model can produce a staggering 1,111 horsepower, eclipsing the Model S by almost 100 horsepower. All that power allows the Lucid Air to hit 60 mph in about 2.5 seconds.

Speed ​​is good, but what’s the point of driving fast if you’re not comfortable? The Lucid Air pulls out all the stops when it comes to luxury. The car seats five, with options for heated, messaging and ventilated front seats.

Its safety features are equally impressive. The Lucid Air is fully equipped with forward collision warning, pedestrian detection, blind spot monitoring and lane keeping assist.

The Lucid Air Vs The Model S: The End Result

If you’re looking for a luxury electric vehicle, you should consider the Lucid Air.

While the premium editions of the Lucid Air are expensive, the base model is significantly cheaper than its competitor, the Model S. And with equally powerful mechanics and a greater single load range, the Lucid Air is the clear winner. between the two.

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