How Do Car Dealers Make Their Cars So Shiny?

If you have walked a auto concession showroom, then you probably marveled at the beauty of all the cars. This showroom shine brings out a mirror finish that you wish your personal car could have for many years to come, but alas, all the bird poo and debris keeps that from happening. But how do car dealerships get that perfect 10 out of 10 shine on their new cars?

A good car wash can do wonders

Two car washers soak up the atmosphere on July 12, 2015, in Manchester, England. |

If you are looking to give your car this lasting shine of the showroom, then a good car wash can work wonders. Of course, you can send your pride and joy to an automatic car wash, however, this is generally not recommended. Automatic car washes can actually leave a lot of small scratches and swirls in the paint of the car.

Instead, washing the car by hand yourself using the two-bucket method and a good wash mitt will make sure you don’t get a bunch of dirt on the paint or get any scratches or scratches on it. swirls. Of course, there are enough car soaps on the market to make your head spin, so choosing one can be tricky. If you need a recommendation, we suggest you try Jay Leno’s Garage Ceramic Wash Shampoo. This is a foaming car wash infused with Si02 nanoparticles that protect and clean your car in one easy step.

Use a premium car wax

    Dan Gregg polishes a car he details, they also do repair work.

Dan Gregg polishes a car he details, they also do repair work. | Dave Buresh / The Denver Post via Getty Images

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While different car dealers will use different brands and types of waxes to clean their cars, the important thing is that they use top quality products. Of course, you can use spray wax on your car, which will easily reduce the time and effort required to protect it. But these types of waxes don’t last as long as standard waxes.

Through Rusty cars, the harder the wax, the better. This means that if you want a deeper shine that lasts then you had better use a carnauba wax, which is well known to protect paint from harmful UV rays and repel water easily. Also, if you coat your car with carnauba wax, you will probably find that the car is easier to wash the next time around because dirt won’t stick to it as much.

If you really want to polish your car paint while avoiding hurting your hand, you can use a dual action polisher. This handy little machine looks like a grinder with a foam pad, but in reality it is able to polish car paint more evenly and with less overall effort. There are many convenient machines on the market and at different price points to suit your budget.

Paint sealer can last longer than wax

    A brand new Volkswagen Beetle is on display in the Serramonte Volkswagen showroom.

A brand new Volkswagen Beetle is on display in the Serramonte Volkswagen showroom. | Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

If you really want a lasting shine on your car like showroom cars, you can also use paint sealer instead of wax. According to Turtle Wax, a paint sealer uses polymers that are formulated to withstand a lot of abuse and can last much longer than a standard wax. In most cases, a good wax job will last about one to three months before needing to be reapplied. However, a good paint sealer can last up to six months.

And while professional auto retailers have a number of different ways to keep a car looking shine for years to come, a good car wash, wax, and polish can work wonders for your car. Even though he’s been a victim of bird droppings and debris for many years.

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