How does the new BMW M240i compare to the original M2?

With each generation, it seems BMW is finding a way to make its new mid-range M cars outperform the flagship models of the previous generation. But at similar prices, is this the case for the new M240i and a 2018 M2?

In the latest Throttle House video, they take the two cars down a track to find out. The first test is a drag race. On paper, the M240i should win thanks to more horsepower (382 vs. 365 hp), a faster automatic transmission, and all-wheel drive (although it’s significantly heavier), and it does, crossing the line. arrival several car lengths in front of M2. The next test is a roll race to hopefully eliminate the AWD advantage of the M240i, but that’s not enough, because although the M2 finished closer it still lost about a length of car compared to the more powerful M240i.

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On the track, the M2 proved to be more dynamically engaging. The power delivered was also very natural and the driving experience offered just the right amount of difficulty not to make it too boring. The M240i, while being a good sports car in a vacuum, is just held back a bit by its weight and price. If it had been cheaper and lighter, it could potentially have got its money’s worth, even without a third pedal.

In short, if you want new technology, all-wheel drive, and all the perks of owning a brand new car, go for the M240i. If you want the most engaging sports car, go for the M2. And if you want to watch the full comparison for yourself, you can check out the Throttle House video below.

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