Human Horizons GT HiPhi Z arrives with the world’s first vehicle-grade robotic arm! Prices, features and more

Human Horizons’ GT HiPhi Z, the Chinese manufacturer’s second electric vehicle, is finally here. HH unveiled its new zero-emission car on Wednesday, July 6.

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Human Horizons GT HiPhi Z arrives with the world’s first vehicle-grade robotic arm! Prices, features and more

Since Human Horizons is an expert in making electric and self-driving cars, you can expect advanced features from the new GT HiPhi Z.

Besides efficient specs, there’s one thing that makes HH’s second EV different from Tesla and other electric car models.

The latest GT HiPhi Z offers the world’s first vehicle-grade robotic arm. But make no mistake about its function. To help you further, here’s how it works.

The robotic arms of Human Horizons GT HiPhi Z

According EngadgetThe latest report from , the newest GT, HiPhi Z, is integrated with a vehicle-grade high-speed robotic arm (the first of its kind).

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In the official Human Horizons YouTube video, the robotic arm was actually not fully shown. For this reason, many people do not know what the arm is actually for.

“I was curious why he has a robotic arm. The arm, though? I haven’t actually seen it,” one of the Engadget individuals said. comment section.

Make no mistake that robotic arms work by lifting things or pushing the electric vehicle into place. This machine is actually located inside the vehicle.

It is integrated into the area where the car’s infotainment system is located.

Based on Youtube video from HH, the robotic arm works by moving the screen towards the view of the driver or passenger.

Thanks to this, users no longer need to bend their necks to see the infotainment system. Human Horizons said the machine could move back and forth in less than a second, with an accuracy of up to 0.001mm.

Other features of the GT HiPhi Z

Besides the advanced robotic arm, Human Horizons official press release confirmed that their second electric vehicle had a range of over 700 km when fully charged.

HH added that the GT HiPhi Z could hit 100 km/h in less than four seconds. When it comes to battery power, its power cell is a high-performance 120 kWh battery.

As for the design, the new electric car has an ultra-futuristic setup both from outside and inside. If you want to see more features of the EV, you can visit this link.

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For more news on Human Horizons’ upcoming Chinese EVs, always keep your tabs open here on TechTimes.

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