Iconic Joy® Liquid Dish Brand Expands to Automatic Dishwashing with New Joy Blast™

GREENWICH, Conn., June 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Joy® isn’t just for the sink anymore. The iconic household dishwashing liquid expands into the automatic dishes category with the introduction of Joy Blast™, a triple power automatic washing capsule.

Joy Blast™ incorporates a degreasing agent, rinse aid and powder detergent while fighting the negative effects of hard water minerals that are known to cause spotting, spotting on dishes and filming on glass . With premium cleaning ability across the spectrum of stains and surfaces, the Joy Blast™ is high performance with high value.

Effective in quick wash cycles with no prewash required, Joy Blast™ makes dishwasher operation the economical and environmental choice. Created with plant-based and bio-based ingredients, Joy Blast™ is phosphate and chlorine free and comes in recyclable packaging.

True to its heritage, Joy Blast™ features Joy’s signature fresh lemon scent® has been known since 1968, when it was one of the first dish soaps to incorporate a lemon scent, which started the trend for citrus-scented cleaning products.

“Although this is a new product, we wanted to preserve the core traits that consumers associate with Joy, said Mike Cassette, President and CEO of JoySuds. “Joy is a household name with a long-standing reputation for high-quality cleaning at an affordable price, and we believe Joy Blast™ is the next logical extension of that.”

Joy Blast™ represents the first in a series of new products that JoySuds will be launching in the coming months. Be on the lookout for these exciting new products, as well as original Joy offerings, at retailers nationwide.

About JoySuds, LLC:

JoySuds, LLC was established in November 2019 to acquire joy® and the Cream Suds® brands for the United States, Canada and some other Latin American countries and Caribbean territories of the Procter & Gamble Company. JoySuds Focuses on Reinvigorating Joy’s Distribution and Product Offerings® and Cream Suds®, building on their rich history of innovation and performance.

About Joy®

Introduced in 1949 as the first liquid dish soap, Joy’s heritage makes it one of the most recognizable dishwashing brands in the world. North America, with a loyal customer base in the US retail, professional and Latin American markets. Complementary to joy® branded commercial offerings, Cream Suds® is a powder-based detergent designed to remove thick grease and soak hard-cooked foods in pots and pans.

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