Loans of up to half the proceeds

Life on credit to the citizens of Croatia has become inevitable. Half a million citizens, due to their inability to create a normal life, decided to leave the borders of Good Finance. The consequence is a negative natural increase, but also a collapse of the economy and the pension fund.

A large number of citizens are therefore forced to borrow, not all pushed out for another month. The cost of living far exceeds income, and subsidizing the state in housing loans does not help either. Citizens are looking to make loans that burden more than a third of their income. On the popularity, lenders get up to half their earnings.

What is behind the term credit?


Demand for loans is increasing day by day. However, not all loans are eligible. Banks first check the creditworthiness of a potential customer. A term we have all heard before, but none of us are sure what lies behind it. It is about the likelihood that a client can settle their debts within a pre-agreed period. Credit standing is actually a measure of the risk a bank is willing to take.

It depends on several different factors, from the calculation of the unpaid part of the salary, the employer with which the client is employed, the type of employment and even the status of the guarantor or the co-debtor. Prior to granting any type of loan, especially loans up to half-income, banks will, in addition to creditworthiness, also check the Good Finance report, which shows all credit obligations, repayment frequency, debtor / guarantor status and the like. Only after that the bank determines whether the client can get a loan or still has not met all the necessary conditions.

What are the credits up to half the income?

What are the credits up to half the income?

Banks typically issue loans that represent one-third of the unpaid income that can cover a monthly annuity. Loans of up to half of the proceeds are a special type of bank-based loan based on the average Croatian salary. This translates into lower-than-average clients being able to take out a loan whose monthly annuity does not exceed half the income.

A client who has a higher than average salary is subject to a different calculation, but the unencumbered portion must not be less than USD 2,000. However, these calculations vary from bank to bank. Credit houses have a different policy because they rely on the creditworthiness of the client already on his financial soundness. They do not rely on the type of employment or employer, but it is important for them that the client has a regular income and regularly settles his debts.

Short repayment period

Short repayment period

They have up to half the proceeds of their loans, characterized by smaller amounts and a short repayment period. This is a great advantage to most people, although many do not view it that way. Specifically, as long as the loans are up to half received before repayment, the client can re-apply for them if the need arises.

Banks offer loans of up to half of their income exclusively in their branches, while lending companies have transferred their business to the Internet. Everything from, requirements to contracts, can be downloaded from the credit homepage online.

The client does not even have to leave the house to apply for loans up to half the amount received. It can do everything in just a few mouse clicks. The process itself is greatly facilitated and simplified, and documentation is minimized. Credit up to half the income can be obtained only with a copy of the ID card, current account card and payroll / pension list.

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