LPG or CNG which is better for car mileage and price difference

CNG vs LPG car: Automakers are now focusing more on CNG models. Maruti Suzuki has made preparations to put almost all of its models on CNG. After that, Hyundai also offers CNG models in all of its segments. There is a difference of about 70-80 thousand rupees in the price of the CNG model. Even after that, the demand for CNG model is increasing rapidly in the automotive market. The main reason for this is the price of gasoline and diesel. The cost of CNG is much lower than gasoline and diesel, and the mileage is very high. This is the reason why people also get CNG kits installed in their vehicles. However, many people also drive the car on LPG instead of CNG.

What is the difference between CNG and LPG? What is the difference between these two prices? Which is better between CNG and LPG in terms of mileage? Does LPG cause damage to the car? The answers to all these questions are known with the help of experts.

CNG and LPG prices
Approximately 14.2 kg of LPG comes in a domestic LPG cylinder. Now the cost of the cylinder has risen to Rs 1000. That is, the price of LPG per kg is around Rs 71. At the same time, if we talk about CNG, its price ranges from Rs 75 to Rs 90 per kg. Its price varies according to the cities of the country. As a result, LPG becomes cheaper than CNG. This is the reason why many people use LPG in petrol cars to save money.

Car mileage with CNG and LPG

, The CNG bottle used in the car has a capacity of approximately 10 kg. However, only up to 9 kg of CNG is used there. This is so that there is no pressure on the cylinder. Sometimes filling more CNG into the cylinder increases the risk of bursting. The number of kilometers driven by the CNG car also depends on the engine of the car. For example, the CNG model of Maruti Celeria gives a mileage of 35Km/Kg. That is to say, there are 9 kg of CNG in the cylinder, then it can travel 315 km.

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, Now let’s talk about the LPG bottle, it comes with 14.2 kg of LPG. Lots of people fix that household gas cylinder in the car. So some people use LPG in a CNG cylinder. However, even from LPG, the car mileage remains the same as CNG. The only difference is that if you use an LPG bottle, you will be able to travel about 490 km with its help. At the same time, the cylinder is 9Kg, so it can travel 315Km. The cost of CNG per km is around Rs 2.5 and the cost of LPG per km is Rs 2.

Is it safe to drive a car with an LPG bottle?
It is not safe to use an LPG cylinder in the car. There have been many cases in which the car exploded due to LPG gas leaking. This is the reason why companies also use CNG instead of LPG. Not only that, the use of LPG also damages the car. Household gas cylinders contain sulphur. It pollutes the environment. The extra gas in the cylinder reduces the life of the vehicle’s engine by 25%. In other words, the savings you make from LPG damage the car’s engine. It will be heavy on your pocket in the future.

Which is the better of the two?
Many experts associated with the automotive industry do not consider LPG to be better for the car. Everyone believes that LPG damages the car. This makes the car all the more likely to catch fire. On the other hand, CNG is much better. However, customers must opt ​​for a car equipped with CNG by the company. There is a slight risk in having the CNG kit installed from the outside. Pickup of the car is also better with the company-equipped CNG kit. The cost of installing the CNG kit from outside ranges from Rs 40-50,000. While Fittage CNG company’s model is more expensive by around Rs 70-80 thousand.

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LPG: Alternative to Natural Gas
The full key form of LPG is liquefied petroleum gas. It is a mixture of several gases. It is an alternative to natural gas. It is a mixture of hydrocarbon gases such as butane and propane. Therefore, its pressure can also be compressed. It is used for cooking, driving, driving.

CNG: compressed natural gas format
The full form of CNG is compressed natural gas. It is made by compressing natural gas. CNG is used to drive vehicles. It also reduces pollution. It is also slightly cheaper than other fuels. Today, CNG is used more in vehicles. Other than that, CNG is cheaper than gasoline.

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