Luxury brand teases its BEV sports car – again

If there’s one thing automakers can count on, it’s releasing information about highly anticipated vehicles in dribs and drabs. Rare is the occasion when all hands are totally surprised – even if it does happen. Witness the all-new Ford GT unfold across a freezing Detroit scene in 2015.

Lexus is doing no such thing with its slew of upcoming BEVs, a lineup that could include a spiritual all-electric replacement for the LFA.

While there are sure to be a lot of changes between the images shown there and everything coming out of the pipe for production, it’s good to see that this concept isn’t just a unique concept from the Japanese brand. These new images show off some incredibly curvy rear styling, but its extremely long hood certainly evokes the company’s current LC 500 stunner. Since this thing is intended to be an EV, there’s no real need for such a trunk; it’s good to know that stylists are still working hard to create attractive cars and that not everything will be transformed into soulless transport pods when the final internal combustion engine dies down.

A trio of Lexus BEVs were announced in December, counting a sedan and an SUV in addition to this sultry coupe. In fact, their collective titles are Sedan, SUV and Sports – the latter evoking memories of a Huey Lewis album and revealing your author’s rapid age. It’s all part of a collective vision called Lexus Electrified, presented by gearhead CEO Akio Toyoda whose penchant for interesting vehicles has done wonders for the Toyota/Lexus lineup over the past decade.

No new details were given about the sports two-door shown here, other than a regurgitation of the estimated numbers cited in December: a 0-60mph acceleration estimate in the base “two-second” stage and a range expected all-electric driving. in the vicinity of 430 miles.

This Lexus Electrified vision has had more than a few landmarks erected in its path since it was first hinted at at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2019. The LF-Z Electrified concept car, for example, boasted a “placement battery and electric motors”. ‘ plus a take on the all-wheel drive called DIRECT4 that looks like a cable news program but is actually part of a proprietary system that would turn up the heat on the all-wheel drive ride. There have been a few things from the Lexus Electrified portfolio that have made their way to the mainstream – such as easy-to-implement items like the LEXUS rear badge display panel – so there’s no reason not to give things like Sport and DIRECT4 at least have an ounce of credibility.

If the brand’s electric future looks like this, we’re on board.

[Images: Lexus]

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