Mahindra XUV700 saves passengers in a major accident

The popularity of the all-new Mahindra XUV700 is an open secret. Mahindra has also attracted many customers seeking safe cars after Global N-CAP’s five-star rating. A brand new Mahindra XUV700 was involved in an accident with a truck. Here is the result.

The accident is reported by Prateek Singh and it happened in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. According to available information, the Mahindra XUV700 was flying overhead when a truck suddenly overtook the vehicle. The driven truck then braked hard in the middle of the road.

The driver of the XUV700 was unable to react in time and the XUV700 collided with the rear of the truck. There was no crash protection behind the truck, causing the XUV700 to slide. There are multiple points of impact and the A-pillar of the XUV700 crashed directly into the load bay.

The pictures show the following. The accident tore off the hood of the vehicle and heavily damaged the front of the vehicle. The XUV700 is quite unrecognizable from the front after the accident.

However, the two passengers traveling in the vehicle are safe and sound. They suffered injuries and were admitted to hospital, but both are now discharged.

The photos also show the car’s open front airbags. The A-pillar absorbed the impact very well. It seems that the vehicle did not have an ADAS function, otherwise the automatic emergency braking would have saved the car from this collision.

Most Indian trucks do not have underride bars

As it was a tall vehicle, the damage was limited due to the height of the vehicle. A sedan or sedan in a similar accident could have faced far worse consequences. Since trucks are very tall and have a wide exposed area, it is mandatory for them to install underride bars in many countries of the world to save cars from such accidents.

Brand new Mahindra XUV700 destroyed in rear-end collision with truck: passengers exit [Video]

These bars are compulsory in many countries, but there is no such rule in India. The underride bars ensure that the bumper of the car makes first contact with the truck in the event of an accident. This triggers the airbags and also allows the car to absorb the impact by playing the crumple zones.

XUV700 is a five-star rated car

Brand new Mahindra XUV700 destroyed in rear-end collision with truck: passengers exit [Video]

Global NCAP gave the five-star rating after the Mahindra XUV700 scored 16.03 out of a total of 17 points. The structure of the car is also considered stable. The crash test also revealed that potential injuries to front passengers also remain marginal. The car also received the highest points ever for a child safety rating. It scored 41.66 out of a maximum 49, the highest for any car made in India.

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