MG 3 replacement due next year as brand goes all-electric in UK by 2027 – report

An all-new version of Australia’s most popular city car is due in UK showrooms from the second half of next year – as one of MG’s latest petrol models for Europe .

  • New MG 3 city car planned for the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024 with gasoline
  • The new ZS, Cyberster roadster and updated HS should follow
  • The brand is set to go electric-only in the UK by 2027
  • Unconfirmed Australian model rollout

A successor to the best-selling MG 3 city car is set to hit UK showrooms in late 2023 or early 2024 – followed by a new ZS small SUV and an updated HS medium SUV – before the Chinese automaker goes electric in some European markets by 2027.

While the MG 3 arrived in Australia in 2016, it’s been on sale in China since 2011 – and is the longest running model in the city car (or “light car”) category, boasting none of the Advanced security tailored to new rivals. .

There was no sign of a replacement – so far MG UK commercial director Guy Pigounakis told the British magazine Auto-Express (print) the current MG 3 has “12-18 months” before being replaced by a new model.

However, Pigounakis warned “we will not call [the new car] MG 3”. It is unclear what name it would take, as the MG 4 name was taken by a larger model (although the MG 2 badge is still available).

It’s unclear when the car will go on sale in Australia, but launches of new MG models in Australia tend to follow Europe and China by a few months.

The current MG 3 cannot be imported into local showrooms beyond March 2025, as it is not equipped with autonomous emergency braking.

Auto-Express speculates that the MG 3 replacement is “unlikely to feature electrification” – which would place it as one of MG’s newest petrol models for Europe, as the magazine reports that the brand is planning to switch to electricity only by 2027.

It’s not clear if this will apply globally or just to the UK market – although the latter seems the most likely. The date appears to refer to all-electric cars, indicating that MG’s plug-in hybrids will be phased out in the UK by 2027.

Where that leaves the MG 3 is unclear, as without an electric option the car can only be sold in the UK for three years. However, this could continue in other markets where petrol cars can still be sold.

The first of MG’s new electric cars goes on sale in Europe in the coming months, the MG 4 small hatchback – which will launch with a choice of rear-wheel-drive single-motor models, ahead of a twin-motor, all-model all-wheel-drive expected in the UK early next year.

“We’re releasing a high-performance version of the MG 4 in about six months. It gives us the ability to err on the comfort side with the standard car thanks to the high-performance twin-engine derivative,” Pigounakis said. Told Auto-Express.

Specifications published in China show the twin-motor car developing 330kW and 600Nm, for a 0-60mph sprint time of 3.8 seconds – and a UK price as low as £35,000 (A$60,000).

Due in 2024, according to Auto-Express, is a facelifted HS midsize SUV, said to offer “updated styling, quality upgrades and the latest infotainment systems”. Petrol and plug-in hybrid will be available.

An updated HS – with a new front end similar to the Australia-bound MG 5 small sedan – is already on sale in China as the ‘Pilot’ (above) and in Thailand as HS name, but this model has not yet been confirmed for Europe or Australia.

Auto-Express reports that a new ZS SUV is “probably” expected before the end of 2024, which could migrate to the MG 4’s “MSP” electric architecture, offering all-wheel drive and improved technology. However, this seems largely to be speculation from the UK magazine.

Also due in 2024 is the highly anticipated Cyberster electric roadster, which Auto-Express suggests could adopt the MGC EV name, based on a recent marque – continuing the lineage of the iconic 1960s MGB (and an MGC version briefly sold from 1967 to 1969, with a six-cylinder petrol engine).

“It will be [in UK showrooms in] early 2024. And it will be an exceptionally good value for money sports car, said Pigounakis. Auto-Express.

The British magazine announces a new generation of the MG Marvel R – a mid-size electric SUV sold by MG in Europe, based on a model sold in China under the Roewe brand of parent company MG SAIC – due in “two to three years” from now (2024 or 2025).

While the current model (below) is not sold in the UK or Australia – as it was not developed in right-hand drive – the next model is on MG UK’s wishlist, although that Pigounakis told the magazine that he “won’t be called Marvel R.”

Of the models detailed for the UK, only the MG 4 hatch has been confirmed for Australia in the first half of next year – although the Cyberster roadster is on the company’s wishlist and will be built in right-hand drive.

The MG 3 city car and ZS small SUV are top sellers in their respective segments – including the electric ZS EV, which is among Australia’s best-selling electric cars – so new versions of them seem likely to come to Australia .

Meanwhile, MG Australia plans to launch the new MG 5 small sedan early next year, coming from China and powered by a range of petrol engines.

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