Mumbai man crashes new car into parked bicycles; Internet users stunned

A video of a Mumbai man crashing his brand new car into parked bikes is going viral, and netizens filled the comments section with their opinions.


First published October 10, 2022, 5:51 PM IST

We always come across dozens of car accident videos every day when browsing the internet. Some take our breath away, but a few minor crashes and crashes make us laugh. Well, there are also videos of brand new cars crashing due to reckless driving, which can always leave us with a pinch of heartache.

Now, such a video of a Mumbai man crashing his brand new car into bikes parked in the parking lot of his apartment is going viral, and netizens are loading the comments section with their opinions.

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In the shocking video, a man can be seen pushing open the main door of a building complex to make a grand entrance for their brand new Tata Nexon. In an instant, the car can be seen taking a turn towards the housing complex with its headlights on. But what shocked the internet was that the car owner made a mistake and crashed into a row of parked bikes.

The new luxury car decorated with a garland on its hood is tumbled on its side before regaining its balance. The video ends with the man who opened the door running towards the driver to help him with the building’s security guard. The entire incident was recorded on CCTV installed on the premises of the apartment. Looked:

The gruesome video was shared by a Twitter user named Sqn Ldr Vinod Kumar (Retd), who captioned the video with a caption saying what a grand arrival home. The video garnered 999.5K views and 18.7K likes in just three days of uploading. Many users found the accident tragic and painful, while many others explained how the accident could have happened.

One user said he had never seen such an enthusiastic reception from the cars in his life, while another said the driver had to panic and press the accelerator instead of the brakes. A third user said he was pretty sure it wouldn’t end well as he took a sharp turn into the building complex. A fourth user said the fate of poor two-wheelers would be unfortunate. A fifth user said it was lucky no one was sitting around the parked two-wheelers.

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Last updated Oct 10, 2022 5:51 PM IST

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