New cars 2021: what’s happening and when?



Jeep Wrangler 4xe PHEV

The American response to the Defender wins a plug-in hybrid option of 370 hp, with power coming from a 2.0-liter turbo-four engine and a 400 V, 17 kWh battery. The torque of 470 lb-ft is a practical 59% increase over the most powerful Jeep existing, and the setup is said to improve on and off-road capabilities. The latter is crucial for Jeep, because the heritage is so important to the brand.

Kia Sportage

It’s Kia’s best-selling model here in the UK, but that doesn’t mean the brand will play it safe for the fifth-generation car. The Sportage has undergone a radical design overhaul with elements of the EV6. The changes are also vast inside the car, with a curved digital display, infotainment touchscreen, and soft-touch haptic switches on a glossy center console. The Sportage will also gain several electrified powertrains and a diesel option seems likely, but no indication of a plug-in model has been revealed.

Range Rover

There is so much going on at Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) right now around future product projects. Under the leadership of new CEO Thierry Bollore̩, a leaner showroom of JLR models is about to emerge, and the rapid expansion of all shapes and sizes of SUVs in particular will come to an end as the company focuses. rather on its basic models Рand very profitable.

One of them will be the Range Rover, which will retain its role as the flagship of the Land Rover range. An all-new model arrives this year as the first model built on JLR’s new MLA architecture, which will ultimately support anything larger than a Range Rover Evoque.

A huge investment, MLA can accommodate gasoline, diesel, hybrid, and fully electric variants, all of which will appear on the Range Rover’s fifth-generation watch. The first will be gasoline and diesels in mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid form. An all-electric version is not expected for some time, although it is seen as a priority for Bolloré above any autonomous electric Range Rover that was previously planned.

Don’t expect a big change in style, rather a refined look refined under design boss Gerry McGovern before his recent promotion to a group design role. An increasingly luxurious interior is also a given, as are the more powerful and luxurious versions of JLR’s special operations vehicles using an original BMW V8.


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