Oakland Toyota Dealer Charged With RAV4 “Price Rise”

The shock of stickers when buying a new car has reportedly reached new heights in Oakland.

A 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime is on sale at a Toyota dealership in Oakland for a staggering price of nearly $ 96,000, nearly double its original MSRP, according to a viral car sticker image that has toured networks social.

The “dealer added margin” aroused particular anger, costing $ 40,000 on top of the original market price. Other “installed options” on this vehicle, as pictured, include LoJack vehicle guards, ceramic coating, and paint protection.

After being posted for the first time on Reddit over the weekend, with posters calling the markup “beyond the pale” and accusing the dealer of ‘Price increase’, the image has since circulated on the websites of car enthusiasts and TIC Tac.

The car blog Jalopnik contacted Tuesday to confirm the mark-up with the dealership, and they technically did not deny the high cost of the SUV.

“… You have to come in and sit down and chat if you’re ready to close the deal,” the salesperson told Jalopnik.

Contacted by SFGATE on Wednesday morning, they denied having a RAV4 – or any other vehicle – priced at $ 96,000.

“We don’t have a car here that is that expensive,” the worker told SFGATE.

It might be worth noting that the RAV4 Prime is no longer listed on the Oakland dealership website, showing an error page on Wednesday morning. (It was still on the site no later than Monday, according to the Wayback Machine.)

It is unclear to what extent this alleged mark-up is linked to the current supply chain crisis – which has severely disrupted the auto industry due to a long-term shortage of microchips. Another contributing factor could also be the sheer popularity of the RAV4 Prime, which according to Ars Technica, is Toyota’s best-selling model this year.

The delay in the manufacture of these essential components will likely continue into 2022, the Chicago Tribune reported.

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