Role of second-hand professionals in full transformation, according to V12VF

V12 Vehicle Finance (V12VF) points out that the role of second-hand professionals is changing.

A customer survey by V12VF – of 1,002 dealerships – showed that 69% feel more confident buying a car from a franchise or independent dealership.

The research also found that more than a quarter (26%) of motorists would first contact a car dealer for advice on their next car purchase, before talking to someone else.

Estelle McConnell, Director of Sales at V12VF, said: “We are seeing a lot of men in sales positions, especially at independent dealers, but we are also seeing a lot more women and a more even distribution among franchise dealers.

“We work with dozens of female account managers and unlike 30 or 40 years ago, women are welcome in the business – and respected for their knowledge.

“The used car dealerships we work with also say the industry is leaning towards a female-dominated environment, with many examples in warranty, finance and insurance companies.”

McConnell said the role of the used car dealership will not diminish in importance when it comes to online sales and will remain relevant.

“The ‘centenarian generation’ is more apt to shop online than any before it, with online used car shopping becoming the norm,” McConnell said.

“But that won’t diminish the importance of the role, as the used car dealership will work hand in hand with every online transaction. Customers still want face-to-face contact, vehicle handover being an example.

“The job has completely changed now, but with change comes opportunity. Unlike many years ago, customers can submit quotes themselves, which means dealers have no say in the matter. on financing rates.

“They can structure their own financial package before finding out about the car, but far from making the position of used dealer superfluous, it reinforces it. Inquiries are of higher quality and the relationship is evolving towards a collaborative relationship, precisely because customers will always want to touch and smell what they are buying before taking delivery.

McConnell also stressed that dealerships should keep an eye on the future and adapt to the ever-changing market, with an increase in electric vehicles (EVs), shared trips and less outright ownership.

She said: “Self-service models and even virtual reality test drives could well be things of the future, as we are already urging dealers to start preparing for the future now for the advent of vehicles. electrical.

“At the moment, dealers are not selling many used electric vehicles because there are not many on the market.

“But that won’t be the case for long and it’s important for them to be prepared with a robust digital sales function so that when more stock becomes available, they can sell them to a forward-looking customer base. “

Car buyers and aftermarket customers need a consistent experience online, in-store and across departments, CitNOW Group Chief Customer Officer Carol Fairchild told delegates at the Automotive Management event. Live 2022 next month.

In August 2022, V12VF reached its third anniversary with record sales figures.

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