Shop Smart Autos launches platform that verifies consumer identity for car dealerships

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Jeffrey Schwartz, Founder and CEO of Dentity. “That’s why we created Dentity – to enable trusted interactions online

Infested with bots, bad actors and fake accounts, the internet is creating havoc by verifying real people from fakes. Dentity, a leading web3 identity and verifiable credential platform, is on a mission to make the internet safer by providing consumers with a private and secure way to share their personal information and control their digital identity. This mission will also provide Shop Smart Auto’s dealer population with a real check on their lead and data management.

“By partnering with Dentity, Shop Smart Autos now has the ability to reduce the footprint of robots and counterfeits while respecting consumer data privacy and their rightful place in the possession of their identity information.” said Shop Smart Autos founder Richie Bello.

“The explosive growth of the Internet has brought us closer and closer to strangers who are outside of our natural circle of trust,” said Jeffrey Schwartz, founder and CEO of Dentity. “That’s why we created Dentity – to enable trusted interactions online by empowering consumers to own their identities and share verifiable identity information through a simple process.” In 2020, over 37% of all internet traffic was bots. Meanwhile, Facebook removed more than 1.3 billion fake accounts in the first quarter of 2021, but left 95% of reported fake accounts active, and about 20% of profiles on dating apps like Tinder fake. Dentity is helping close critical trust and transparency gaps in the sharing economy, which is expected to grow to $335 billion globally by 2025.

Protected by this state-of-the-art encryption, Shop Smart Autos offers its dealers a new layer of security, privacy and verification for online interactions and transactions. “Dentity creates trusted interactions with buyers through our digital platform and provides our dealers with real people, not the fakes that infiltrate the digital media space,” Bello said.

If consumer privacy and security concerns can be addressed, the new trust-based economy is poised to experience unprecedented growth and benefit from changing consumer attitudes towards ownership and consumption choices that are more respectful of the environment.

Shop Smart Autos is a digital media platform designed to create one-to-one relationships with consumers. Its product offerings are custom audience data and verified, verified lead generation for its participating resellers, affiliates and agencies. For more information about Shop Smart Autos, visit Information about Dentity is available at

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