Sudbury car salesman looks back on five-decade career

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Sudbury car salesman looks back on five-decade career

A Sudbury car salesman is about to call it a day after more than 50 years.

Moe Bradley was in his twenties while working at a bank when he was approached by the owner of what was then called Meredith Connelly Motors in Sudbury.

“He offered me a job because the older salesman didn’t want to sell Malibus. I came home to talk to my dad and he said oh, you’re not going to work in the auto industry. I said they were going to give me a car daddy, ”Bradley said.

It was 1964, and within a month he sold nine of the vehicles.

“I have worked for four owners now. I worked for Mr. Meredith, his son Ron, and worked for Kelly Campbell for many years, then Dan Courville bought it and it’s retired, now Denis Lauzon owns it, ”said Bradley.

Denis Lauzon is the Managing Director of Southside Chevrolet and has worked with Bradley since 1994.

“One thing that impresses me the most about Moe is you know when he started out there weren’t any computers because everything was done manually and as the automation of the car industry was progressing over the years, Moe was able to keep pace. He learned computer science fairly quickly and is able to adapt to new times, which has kept his career relevant all these years, ”said Lauzon.

Lauzon said the auto industry tends to be very busy, so the fact that Bradley has had a career that has spanned over 5 decades is something to celebrate.

“He has thousands of clients, so it’s a testament. I don’t know how many Moes there are, but I don’t think there are many.

Bradley credits his long career to being healthy and loving what he does.

“Eight tracks and then CDs, that all changed, and it kept me up to date and vigilant at work. “

He could tell you about the times people paid cash for vehicles and all the cool new tech he’s seen coming in over the years, but that’s not what Bradley said he would remember the more.

“I have had grandfathers and their sons, daughters and grandchildren of all kinds over the years and it was a highlight. It’s the people to me, not the cars, ”Bradley said.

Bradley estimates he has sold 10,500 vehicles over the years, and while he said he would like to continue working for another 50 years, he decided he didn’t want to work beyond 80. , a step that he will mark on November 30. . His last day will be December 31st and Bradley plans to spend his retirement at his Penage Lake cabin and hopefully travel to see his family.

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