Tesla Model 3, Model Y leaving Giga Shanghai at breakneck speed

Tesla is synonymous with innovation and upheaval in the automotive world. The electric vehicle major has started its second Gigafactory in Shanghai, which is currently the largest electric car manufacturing plant in the world, given its production volume. The electric vehicle maker’s Shanghai plant is currently rolling out models such as the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y.

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In the last three consecutive months, between September and November of this year, the electric vehicle maker has deployed more than 50,000 units of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. These Tesla Model and Model Y electric cars made in China have been sold. in China. market and other overseas countries too.

The most interesting part is the pace of rollout of each Tesla Model 3 and Model Y electric car at the Shanghai Gigafactory. For a deployment rate of 50,000 units per month, the plant requires a car to be built in less than a minute. According to a new video posted online, Tesla takes around 40 seconds to deploy a Model Y, which is truly impressive.

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