Tesla owner mods Model 3 to swim and it sort of works

The You’re here The Model 3 has proven to be more than the neighborhood’s best-selling electric vehicle by floating on water and undeterred by the strong currents that could sink other cars. Long before videos of Tesla floating on water hit the internet, Elon Musk tweeted in 2016, claiming that electric vehicles could turn into boats for short periods of time. While the added functionality looked nice, people have seen it happen over the past four years.

Video has surfaced showing a Tesla Model 3 driving past a sandy road in calm water. You’re here is famous for its superior tech, but someone’s makeshift mod for Model 3 takes things to a whole new level.

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Tesla Model 3 on the water forces a double take

The most recent video surfaced in December 2021, and the Model 3 has been on the water since production began in 2017. In August 2020, a video from China surfaced when the country suffered the worst. flood of its history. As entire cities drowned in the water, a white Tesla Model 3 rode through the water.

Looking closely at the footage, it appears there is a propeller on the back pushing the Tesla, which could explain how it navigates through the water.

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Not the first Tesla Model 3 captured in water

While it might be surprising to see a car drive without being put off by water, electric vehicles tend to perform better in such conditions. A skateboard setup may explain why a Tesla stays afloat, possibly giving an edge over gas-powered cars. However, it is by no means recommended that drivers do so. Tesla boss Elon Musk doesn’t recommend it himself.

This is not the first instance of a captured Model 3 floating on water. Another case occurred earlier this year, with images showing a white model 3 throwing huge jets of water as he walked through flooded streets.

Whether it’s offering smooth performance or protecting the driver from possible harm, the Tesla Model 3 has succeeded in every aspect of being the best electric car on the market. As Tesla prepares to introduce the Cybertruck in 2022, the truck would also have the ability to float on water, proving once again that electric vehicles are shaping the future.

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