Tesla refuses to return Model X to customer because previous owner was in debt

Olstad received this message on December 3. He said this: “Hello, Gjermund. You left your car for service, but the previous owner still has an unpaid bill with Tesla Skøyen. They work out with him. Unfortunately, we cannot deliver the car when it is finished for service until this invoice has been paid. Hopefully the previous owner will be able to fix this soon, so it works. Sorry for the inconvenience this caused you. Thank you. Sincerely, Tesla Porsgrunn.

The story was first published by the Norwegian site Motor.no. Olstad told them his first reaction was to ask Tesla if they were sure it was even legal. He also asked the company what they wanted him to do: threaten the previous owner?

Motor.no spoke to NAF (Norges Automobil-Forbund, or the Norwegian Automobile Association) and Forbrukerrådet (the Norwegian Consumer Council). Both entities said what Tesla had done was illegal. The NAF even recommended that people in similar situations call the police.

Olstad also spoke to self-evolution and told us more about the whole situation. The Tesla customer said Tesla apologized for the problem around two hours after sending him the message. Although Olstad thought the apology was enough for this specific situation, he is not very happy with how Tesla is handling the car’s fault.

Olstad bought their 2016 Model X P90D about a year ago. The car currently has only 55,000 kilometers (34,175 miles) on the odometer and its warranty expired about two months ago. On November 26, he woke up to see the car’s wheels sunk inside the wheel arches, with only 5 millimeters between the tires and the VE. The vehicle has been diagnosed with issues in the front and rear air suspensions, but Olstad is not convinced by the explanation he received.

“Tesla claims it wore out, but all four air shocks broke the same night. The temperature dropped about 6 ° C (42.8 ° F) that night, so I thought asks if the car isn’t designed for freezing temperatures. They claim it does, but … “

Olstad then sent it to the Tesla service center. A moment before they started fixing his Model X, he received a strange message regarding the debt from the previous owner. Separated from SUV, the Tesla customer also owns a Model 3. He is now worried about having to pay around 71,000 crowns (about $ 8,000) to fix his car because it broke down two months after the warranty expired.

Olstad is now prepared to contact the former owner of his car. The idea is not to ask them to pay the outstanding debt but rather to understand why they refused to pay Tesla. It may have to do with recurring hanging issues, for example. Besides being related to the issue with his car, it could possibly make this Model X a lemon.

Tesla has more than once sold cars eligible to be considered lemons in Norway. The stories of Ola Spakmo, Jens Petter Lund Sommerlade and Marius Andrè Langø are now world famous precisely because Tesla wanted to sell its vehicles without properly repairing them. Olstad worries his Model X has a similar story to share. If you can help locate the previous owner so they can share this Model X story with us, you are more than welcome to do so.

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