Tesla’s best-selling all-electric SUV, the Model Y, has arrived – we take a look

Tesla needs no introduction. Thanks (or no thanks) to its founder Elon Musk’s notoriously public shenanigans, like his most recent waiver of the Twitter deal. So much so that some experts believe Musk’s cult of personality – once a vaunted disrupter – now risks negatively impacting the brand and, therefore, car sales and business growth.

Are Musk’s mainstream controversies distracting from the fact that Tesla cars are, admittedly, super cool? Maybe.

Should he, though? Absolutely not.

Why should the non-sentient vehicle (not yet, perhaps) be punished for its creator’s self-centered misadventures elsewhere in the business world, which have no relation to the product at stake?

Philosophers, business pundits, and tech geeks alike could debate this conundrum arising from the Age of Influence to the point of nausea. But back to business.

There’s no doubting Tesla’s appeal and the instant cult status the badge offers. What’s a little baffling, however, is the extent of fan piety towards the premium electric vehicle maker and its comically uncharismatic CEO which we believe has eroded more and more lately. time due to the very public mayhem the troublesome billionaire is used to creating.

That said, we’d bet on our late grandmother’s secret sugar cake recipe that Singaporeans will just as quickly discover the new Model Y, Tesla’s second car to launch here in recent history. Tesla only just re-entered the Singapore market last year after exiting in 2011 due to grievances with local authorities over the lack of green tax incentives at the time.

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