The Little Car Company Aston Martin DB5 Junior is back from the Q branch


Earlier in the year we showed you the ridiculously delicious Little Car Company DB5 junior, now to celebrate the new Bond movie the tiny Aston has been equipped with 007’s favorite gadgets.

The Little Car Company DB5 Junior has already oozed the appeal, but now to celebrate the release of No time to die, 125 of the small sports cars will receive the Bond treatment, possibly making it the ultimate collector’s item for 007 fans around the world. Boasting more power than even the DB5 Junior Vantage, the DB5 Junior No time to die The Edition received Brembo disc brakes and Bilstein shocks and coil springs to ensure its two-thirds scale wonder can handle the extra performance.

However, it would hardly suit an international super spy if it didn’t feature any gimmicks, and this DB5 Junior Bond-ified has a full arsenal, including the all-important headlight-mounted Gatling guns with explosions and flashes. imitation cannon (this is intended for both children and adults, after all). That’s not all, because in addition to a “skid mode” and a unique digital license plate, the DB5 Junior No time to die Edition can also produce a smokescreen to help escape any henchmen on your tail. All of these gadgets are operated by individual controls in a switch panel hidden in the passenger door, very cool indeed.

However, that doesn’t come cheap, as this 3/4 scale DB5 costs as much as a used full-size Aston Martin at £ 90,000. Although the DB5 Junior is not road legal, as an authentic Aston Martin model, every owner will automatically receive a membership in the respectable Aston Martin Owners Club, as you would expect after spending so much money on a car, whatever its size. However, when you consider that the full-size Goldfinger DB5 Continuation costs £ 2.75million, it doesn’t seem like such a bad deal after all. Orders will be on a first come, first serve basis, so if you want to relive your Bond fantasies with your favorite Rugrats, then act fast!

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