The Tesla Model S Plaid takes on a McLaren, Corvette and Hayabusa to demonstrate its speed

the You’re here The Model S Plaid is a fast car, fast enough to have set an 8-second quarter-mile record.

So when it goes against the Suzuki Hayabusa, a McLaren 720S and a Corvette C5, how do you think it would go?

Drag Racing and Car Stuff YouTube Channel answers that question with an epic drag race that has enough surprises to knock your socks off…

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Surprise twist: The Tesla Model S plaid is beaten by the Hayabusa

First, the Tesla Model S Plaid takes on a Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa.

The red Model S Plaid completed the quarter mile in a respectable 9.341 seconds and 148.27 MPH, but the Japanese falcon, the Hayabusa, was faster.

It beat the Tesla Model S Plaid by completing the quarter mile in 9.172 seconds, at top speeds of 152.02 MPH.

Later, two McLaren 720S also went head-to-head, to probably decide which of them could take on the Tesla Model S Plaid.

The lane closest to the camera had a black McLaren 720S which took 10.375 seconds at 139.18 MPH, while the lane farthest from the camera had a blue McLaren 720S.

This one beat the former with 10.170 seconds at a top speed of 140.58 MPH.

The blue McLaren has earned bragging rights against the Tesla Model S Plaid.

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Tesla Model S plaid proves EV power is fast

Against the Tesla Model S Plaid, the blue McLaren 720S faltered, completing the quarter mile in 10.172 seconds at 139.50 MPH. Naturally, the Tesla Model S Plaid won this heat in 9.422 seconds at a top speed of 146.86 MPH.

But the main question remains. How would he handle a Chevy C5 Corvette, America’s beloved sports car?

When the red Tesla Model S Plaid raced the white Corvette C5, you could hear the gasps in the crowd, the Model S Plaid raced down the track in 9.370 seconds, at a top speed of 147.57 MPH.

The Corvette was slower, covering the same distance in 12.049 seconds and a lower top speed of 117.16 MPH.

This drag race proves, beyond a doubt, that the Tesla Model S Plaid is a little crazy, even though it sped down the track in absolute silence, as opposed to the raspy roars of its opponents – yet some commentators don’t believe to electric power, write, “Electric Karts. Not interested.”

Electric vehicles have a long way to go to prove their power and their right to exist.

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