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KUALA LUMPUR: The “Best Global Brands” study for the year 2021 was published by Interbrand Publishers, a US-based brand consulting firm. It’s an annual announcement, but what’s in it for the automotive industry? What makes of cars are on the list? Let’s find out.

First, the German automaker Mercedes-Benz was ranked the world’s most valuable luxury car brand. A great achievement, but what makes it even more special is the fact that Mercedes has received the award six times in a row!

Compared to last year, the value of the Mercedes-Benz brand increased by 3%. It now sits at $ 50.9 billion, however, the company has acquired the eighth position in the Top 10 list. Which makes it the only German company to go this far or even make it into the top 10.

Mercedes-Benz Vice President of Communications and Marketing Bettina Fetzer said, “Our continued top ten ranking and increased brand value are achievements that we as a team Mercedes-Benz, we are very proud. This result once again validates our strategic orientation – as a company but also in terms of the positioning of our brand. “

the most valuable luxury car brand in the world

He added: “In all of our brands, Mercedes-Benz is moving from a traditional understanding of luxury to a modern interpretation that emphasizes aspects such as affordability, innovation and individuality. , which establishes awareness of a world of new possibilities and inspires enthusiasm. for sustainable mobility.

What other automakers have earned a place in the “Best Global Brands” study?

  • Toyota was ranked as the world’s most valuable automaker overall, it retains the 7th position with 5% growth in brand value
  • Bmw drops to 12th position from 11th last year with 5% growth in brand value
  • Tesla dropped from 26th to 14th place last year, all possible due to the 184% increase in its brand value
  • Audi acquired the 46th place
  • Porsche fell to 58th place from 55th last year
  • Ferrari jumped three steps to 76th position
  • Mini fell to 96th position from 95 last year
  • Land Rover is down five positions to 98th place this year

The Interbrand ranking system is based on three main criteria including –

  • Financial performance of the brand
  • Role of the brand in the purchasing decision process
  • The strength of the brand in terms of security

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