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The demand for cars in the United States is reaching extraordinary levels. Unfortunately, the supply of cars is extremely low. One of the main reasons the appetite for new cars is so high is pent-up demand from the COVID-19 pandemic, when many people couldn’t make it to dealerships at all. People who wanted to buy 2021 models have found themselves unlucky in many cases.

Supply was mainly affected by the lack of semiconductors used in car electronics and navigation systems. This shortage is not expected to end this year. It triggered the shuttering of assembly lines at some of the largest manufacturers. It also made a big dent in the profits of auto companies.

Car sales are measured in “dealership field days”. The figure is generally close to 60. According to iSeeCars, the average number of days in the field fell to 25 in October. This has sparked an unfortunate trend for many buyers: “Car buyers are willing to pay more than MSRP for new cars and very high prices for used cars because they understand that inventory shortages are there. for the next few months. “

A recently released iSeeCars study covers new car models that have been sold with the highest percentage over manufacturer’s retail prices, a practice that infuriates consumers and causes complaints. The position of the dealers is that people can pay the premium or someone else will.

At least 20 models sold at 19% or more above the manufacturer’s suggested retail price in October. The highest figure was for the Jeep Wrangler at 28.6% above MSRP, which brought the price up to $ 43,338 on average. The Wrangler is Jeep’s mid-size and generally relatively inexpensive sport utility vehicle.

The Wrangler generally gets good ratings in automotive media. Car and Driver gives it a score of 7.5 out of 10 and Motor Trend of 8.6 out of 10.

Here are the 20 cars dealerships get the highest premium for:

Vehicle Premium Increased price
Jeep wrangler 28.6% $ 43,388
Chevrolet Corvette 27.9% $ 88,787
Ford Mustang 26.0% $ 47,091
Jeep Gladiator 26.0% $ 53,361
Porsche Taycan 25.9% $ 115,662
Porsche Macan 24.6% $ 68,408
Chevrolet Corvette 24.5% $ 96,256
Jeep Wrangler unlimited 24.2% $ 55,066
Porsche panamera 22.5% $ 135,173
MINI Hardtop 4 Doors 22.3% $ 32,772
Lexus RX 450h 21.5% $ 59,691
MINI Hardtop 2 Doors 21.3% $ 33,947
Cadillac CT5 21.2% $ 51,174
Mercedes-Benz GLB 19.8% $ 47,386
Ford Bronco 19.8% $ 50,322
Genesis GV70 19.6% $ 59,910
Chevrolet Camaro 19.5% $ 45,363
Land Rover Defender 19.5% $ 76,162
Ford Maverick 19.2% $ 28,223
Mercedes-Benz GLA 19.0% $ 46,246

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