This is the latest model from Mercedes, but it is reserved for the virtual domain only


Image: Gorden Wagener


Image: Mercedes-Benz


Image: Mercedes-Benz

With the metaverse and the virtual domain becoming more and more important, Mercedes got their hands dirty in creating a purely virtual showcar.

virtual domain
Image: Gorden Wagener

The production process of a car is a tedious and laborious sequence of methodical events that requires the collaboration of engineers, designers and multidisciplinary teams to bring it to life. Creating something for the virtual world is a little different. Creativity can dominate as a designer can have carte blanche over the whole process, creating something truly left-handed. Safety regulations can be ignored while engineering and production constraints do not exist.

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Mercedes-Benz Design Director Gorden Wagener originally teased the brand’s first all-virtual showcar on his personal Instagram profile a few days ago. Her overall aesthetic was vague as she was draped in a blanket that vaguely displays the aesthetic underneath. However, the virtual show car has since been revealed and from what we can decipher it still sports the signature rectangular grille and appears to have the proportions of a coupe. In the center of the grille is an illuminated Mercedes emblem that shines through the translucent material. virtual domain

The model created for the virtual world seems to have all four wheels integrated into the body. We don’t know exactly how it would work, but since the engineering constraints don’t exist, it doesn’t really matter.

Based on the hashtags Wagener used in the social media post’s caption, he was to be in League of Legends which has just been confirmed. The game series will have its 2022 World Championship between September 29 and November 5, which coincides with the launch of the model.

The game uses vehicles and the latest Mercedes virtual kingdom will very logically be presented in the world championship as a selectable model. Whatever the outcome, these virtual concepts may dictate the future of how vehicles look, so it’s worth paying attention to.

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