Three AdventHealth care lodges planned for Marion County


When the AdventHealth health care provider bought the former BMW, Volkswagen and Porsche dealership on State Road 200 in Ocala in March for $ 4.5 million, the company said it was “assessing the needs of the growing community” to provide “convenient access” to care with the new space.

Since then, AdventHealth has demolished all three buildings and cemented plans for a 25,000 square foot one-story building that will be known as AdventHealth Care Pavilion Heathbrook.

A one-stop-shop for healthcare, the care pavilion will focus on convenience and access, according to company executives, offering a range of services and concierge-style check-in.

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The building, in which AdventHealth plans to invest $ 22 million, is expected to be completed around August 2022.

Services range from CT scans and specialist care to coffee

“This is truly a new kind of personalized primary and specialty care,” said Joe Johnson, President and CEO of AdventHealth Ocala. “There is a lab, an imaging, a pharmacy, and this is really meant to be a very convenient access point for our community to access these services under one roof. ”

AdventHealth Ocala President and CEO Joe Johnson, right, welcomed everyone to the AdventHealth Ribbon Cut for their new 24-hour emergency room AdventHealth Belleview on September 30.

Primary care forms the basis of the care pavilion, which will also include a cafe, retail space, kids’ club, and comprehensive imaging including MRI, CT, bone density, x-rays and ultrasounds.

Specialists will be determined based on the perceived needs of primary care providers.

“It’s really a network of care that we want to improve and make it easier for people to navigate the health care system,” Johnson said. “We have often had such a broken process around healthcare, around the industry. You have to go here for one thing, to go for another.

A rendering is shown of the AdventHealth Care Heathbrook pavilion, which will be completed in August 2022 at 3949 SW College Road in Ocala.  It will include primary care, specialist care, a laboratory, a pharmacy, full imaging services and a café.

By designing the treatment pavilion, executives say they are putting themselves in the patients’ shoes every time they make a decision.

Seeing health care from the perspective of patients

“I think all you have to do is be patient for a day, and you can quickly identify some of the pain points,” said John Johannessen, senior manager of non-acute services, noting the difficulty in reaching the offices. over the phone, confusion about who to call, uncertainty about how to get prescriptions and frustration with waiting times to register, see providers and receive results.

A rendering is shown of the imaging reception desk at AdventHealth Care Pavilion Heathbrook, which will be completed in August 2022 at 3949 SW College Road in Ocala.  It will include primary care, specialist care, a laboratory, a pharmacy, full imaging services and a café.

“What we tried to do was go through a process and think, ‘How do we fix this? How do you actually do something different? ”, Said Johannessen.

One of the features focused on convenience and access is the ability to schedule appointments in advance or show up at any time.

“You can just come in and we’ll find a way to take care of you, whether you need imaging care or lab work or primary care, so (we’re trying) to make it that easy, that accessible, and that too. experience-oriented as possible, ”Johannessen said.

The treatment lodge will use a “self-accommodation process” similar to that of a hotel. After checking in at a reception desk, patients will be given a key to access their examination room, where their vital signs will be taken and care provided.

Patients won’t have to sit in a waiting room, walk through a nursing station or see other patients in examination rooms, Johannessen said.

“I’ve hired a Disney executive for 27 years to help us organize our guest experience and our concierge component for this,” Johannessen said. “She led this for us and helped us compile the people, the state of mind, the sense of hospitality you should have when you walk in instead of feeling like you walk into an office building. medical. ”

Friday traffic crosses the intersection of SR 200 and SW 43rd Street Road in Ocala.  Workers build the new AdventHealth Care pavilion at the former BMW / Porsche / Volkswagen dealership.

By creating a destination rather than just a place of service, he said it would be a “comfortable, calm and relaxed environment” where one could even go to have a cup of coffee and sit outside.

More care pavilions planned for the Ocala region

Located along a stretch of the SR 200 with plenty of shopping and dining destinations, the neighborhood has impressive traffic and is easy to find and navigate, Johnson said.

“We chose this location because of its visibility and accessibility, ease of entry and exit,” he said. “As we arrived in Ocala and Marion County in 2018, I remember stating that our intention was to help take healthcare to a new level, to really help elevate healthcare in our community. . This has been our only goal, our very strong motivation throughout. ”

Johnson said they had considered renovating the vacant car dealerships, but it would have been difficult to renovate the buildings to provide the accessibility and convenience they hope to achieve.

After leveling the buildings over the past few months, a construction team is now working on the foundations for the care pavilion.

In addition to operating the AdventHealth Ocala Hospital, the nonprofit healthcare provider also has emergency care, laboratories, specialist offices and two offsite emergency rooms – Belleview and TimberRidge – in Marion County.

The Ocala care lodge will be the third in the company’s West Florida division, after two that opened in Westchase and New Tampa in recent months.

There are currently plans for at least 13 nursing lodges in the division over the next five years, including more in Marion County.

The three buildings of the SR200, located at 3949 SW College Road, were former Volkswagen, BMW and Porsche dealerships.  The buildings were recently leveled to make way for the AdventHealth Care Heathbrook pavilion.

“Ocala’s goal is to have three in the next 18 months or so,” Johannessen said, noting that it takes time for construction and staffing.

Prior to the new AdventHealth Care Heathbrook care lodge, he recently tested the patient experience at the New Tampa care lodge.

“I was in and out of the building within an hour and my lab results at the end of the day were teleported to my patient portal,” he said. “It’s the kind of experience everyone needs to have. This is how it should work. Make it easy, simplify it, and get all the information you need ASAP.

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