TruVideo and Outsell Partner to Bring Turnkey Automotive Smart Text Solutions That Drive Revenue and Customer Experience

“The Outsell-TruVideo partnership is powerful because it combines the expertise of two market leaders,” said Mike Wethington, Founder and CEO of Outsell. “When we combine our customer engagement platform with TruVideo’s text and video solutions, we reach more people and provide additional sales and service volume in a way that consumers increasingly prefer. .”

Through this new partnership, Outsell dealers will use TruVideo’s smart lines to send robust and timely text messages and videos when they have the most impact for dealers. Unlike standard texting tools, TruVideo’s Smart Lines allow users to send video links, analyze words and phrases used in text, and respond to customers’ immediate needs. Additionally, behavioral data from customer engagement creates new datasets that power Outsell AI and help dealerships understand customer intent.

“Outsell’s expertise in first-party dealer data and analytics and TruVideo’s focus on engaging and reaching customers on their terms through messaging is a strong combination. “, said Joe Shaker, Founder of TruVideo. “Texting isn’t enough anymore. You need to be able to deliver multiple experiences through smart lines and analyze the customer engagement that comes from that conversational commerce.”

As part of this partnership, Outsell AI interprets first-party dealer data by lifecycle stages and interests, identifying targeted SMS outreach opportunities through TruVideo. If customers respond with interest, dealers can have one-on-one conversations and move customers down the sales or service funnel. The functionality exists for full lifecycle awareness, with options for sales and service campaigns including end of lease, positive equity, buyer detection, service due reminders and more Again.

Dealerships enjoy various benefits of SMS communications:

  • Text messaging creates the highest service loyalty rate (60%) among communication channels.
  • Text messaging gives a higher Net Promoter Score than any other consumer engagement method.
  • Customers who text their dealership report the highest customer satisfaction.
  • Outsell–TruVideo text reaches 41% of customers not reached on any other channel (based on 120,000 sends).
  • Out-of-text sales experience shows that over 30% of tied sales and over 50% of tied service transactions can only be attributed to text and no other medium.

Resellers who want to reach more customers on a channel they prefer to use now have an option that combines the best of Outsell with the best of TruVideo.

About overselling
Outsell offers the only AI-powered data and customer engagement platform for the automotive industry, creating an individualized content experience that builds and strengthens relationships with consumers, amplifying a brand’s impact by communicating its history and benefits, ultimately leading to increased profits in sales and service. Our proprietary technology harnesses massive amounts of data, creating accurate and powerful consumer profiles that engage your customers and prospects exactly where they are in their individual lifecycle. That’s why Outsell is the trusted platform for over 1,500 dealerships representing all major automotive brands.

About TruVideo
TruVideo is a conversational commerce platform that uses text and video to help dealers understand buyer behavior and drive customer engagement. By using smart lines to offer things like streamlined service inspections, sales visits, outbound marketing campaigns, estimates, approvals, and payments, dealers are able to gain insights into buyers at the lowest point of the sales funnel. In order to better serve the customer and drive customer experience and revenue, TruVideo believes resellers and OEMs should control these smart lines to own and retain their data. Using these lines, dealers and OEMs can send personalized videos and messages, respond quickly with a user interface, and receive real-time data on usage, customer engagement, and customer sentiment. customers to help generate revenue and increase CSI scores. For more information on the impact of video on our industry, please read our Return on Video Investment (ROVI) report here. For more information about TruVideo, please visit

Outsell: Tyler Coleman ([email protected])
TruVideo: Laurie Halter ([email protected])

SOURCE Outsell and TruVideo

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