Tucson auto dealer pays veterans after KGUN 9 investigation

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) – KGUN 9 follows up on a story we first told you about a few weeks ago. Two Tucson veterans had trouble with a local used car dealership here in Tucson, leaving one woman to pay for a pickup truck she didn’t receive and another to pay for repairs to the vehicle out of her own pocket.

KGUN 9 followed them up to see if the dealer had corrected their situation.

Veterans Emily Landsverk and Sandra Barger both said they had problems after buying vehicles from Tucson Used Auto Sales and Gear6 Motorsports, both owned and operated by the same owner.

Landsverk had to pay for a van she never received, and Barger ended up with the repair bill for a vehicle she bought from the dealership.

Since our initial report, the dealership has paid Barger $3,000 to cover some of their repair costs. She says the process still required some negotiation.

“It was a negotiation process because they were trying to turn it around even less, making excuses, Barger said. “Because they had a fire at their dealership and about the lack of funds in their account.”

As for Landsverk, the dealer never gave him the van. The dealer showed us that he had paid for the van with the Tucson Federal Credit Union and wrote Landsverk a check for about $3,000 to compensate for his hardship.

We reached out to Steve Garcia, who was hired as general manager to help fix these issues. He no longer works there.

“Be extra vigilant when working with small dealerships, know where they get their business, have your Carfax look at the vehicle,” Barger said. “If you’re not a mechanic, take your vehicle somewhere else to have it checked out.”

Denelle Confair is a presenter and investigative reporter for KGUN 9. It has been her dream to tell your stories for a decade. She is extremely curious and wants to continue using her storytelling for the greater good. Share your story ideas and important issues with Denelle via email [email protected] or by connecting to Facebook, and Twitter.

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