Wasatch Teen Shows Kindness – and Wins a Brand New Car

It pays to be nice, in more ways than one. Judith Gandarilla, a high school student from Wasatch, won a brand new Chevy Equinox as part of the school district’s Cool2Car giveaway last Tuesday at a school assembly outside Wright-Tree Stadium in Heber City.

Throughout the year, with every kind act, students receive Cool2Care cards and monthly prizes are given away. 30 students who received the most cards are then eligible to win the biggest prize. Judith didn’t realize it at first, but the key she chose was the winner.

“So I was very shocked, I actually thought it didn’t turn on until it turned on. It was such a shock, I was so amazed,” she said. declared. “I couldn’t believe it was so impactful and what made me so much happier was all my friends running to hug me. It made me so happy to see all these people support me.

One of the many generous and kind acts that Judith would do each year is to stay after school as a volunteer and help overseas students learn English. She says many teachers have recognized her for this.

“Whenever I’ve met teachers, I’ve always been respectful in helping them hand out papers and getting to school on time,” she said. “I think it helped me get these Cool2care cards. But yeah, just doing good deeds really impacts everyone, it has a positive impact and that’s what I’m looking for as a than anyone.

Judith, who was also honored in January 2022 with the University of Utah’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Youth Leadership Award, says this is her first car and she is extremely grateful to the Latham family for Latham Chevrolet for its generous contribution. She will be able to drive to university where she will study interpreting in three languages, English, Spanish and Japanese. She also wants to study art.

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