What prompted Anand Mahindra to offer this blacksmith a brand new Bolero?

The Chairman of the Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra, is a generous man when it comes to recognizing and appreciating someone for their accomplishments or hard work. On several occasions he presented Mahindra cars to people as a thank you. Last on the list is Dattatraya Lohar, a blacksmith from the village of Devrashtre in Maharashtra.

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Lohar built a small four-wheeled vehicle using scrap metal to show how a vehicle works. The vehicle he built looks crude but borrows the design of the famous Jeep, which inspired Mahindra to build his Thar SUV. The car looks like a miniature Jeep with minimal functionality. Lohar even uses this vehicle to transport passengers.

The vehicle was produced with an investment of ??60,000. It comes with a starting mechanism, which is seen on two-wheelers. The left-hand drive vehicle was built with parts from old and discontinued cars as the man said.

A 45-second video showing the man’s innovation caught the attention of Anand Mahindra, who was so impressed with the innovative project that he gifted the man a Mahindra Bolero. Anand Mahindra even tweeted the video from his own social account.

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