You can now buy a scale replica of Max Verstappen’s championship-winning Red Bull RB16B

Diehard Red Bull Racing fans will be delighted to hear that 1:8 scale replicas of championship-winning Max Verstappen’s RB16B are now available through Amalgam Collection.

Amalgam worked alongside Red Bull Racing to develop RB16B replicas of the car Verstappen drove at the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, 2021 Turkish Grand Prix and 2021 Monaco Grand Prix. the RB16B driven by Sergio Perez to victory at the 2021 Baku Grand Prix is ​​available.

Red Bull Racing provided CAD data on the RB16B to Amalgan, allowing them to replicate each part perfectly, albeit on a smaller scale. It is understood that over 2,500 hours of development went into the development of the replica and each example takes 250 hours to cast, paint and assemble.

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“We have worked closely with Red Bull Racing for fifteen years now, first building models of the RB3 cars driven by David Coulthard and Mark Webber, before moving on to Sebastian Vettel’s two-time championship-winning cars,” said Sandy Copeman, founding partner of Amalgan. “Now we have had the opportunity to celebrate the latest success of a team that continues to earn its place at the top of the grid, with a driver who looks set to continue writing Formula 1 history.”

Amalgam Collection will build just 198 examples of Red Bull’s RB16B from the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, consisting of 99 scale models of Max Verstappen’s car and 99 models of Sergio Perez’s car. Those looking for something a little rarer can opt for the RB16B raced at the Turkish Grand Prix, with a unique livery limited to 33 Verstappen pieces and 11 Perez pieces.

Beware, 1:8 scale models are not cheap. In fact, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix cars cost $10,504 each while the Turkish Grand Prix model costs $10,579.

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