You Can (Still) Buy Al Capone’s Bulletproof 1928 Cadillac V8

Gangsters and their cars have become buried in the tapestry of great American mythology. Al Capone and his infamous armored Cadillac are the main symbols of this cosmology. It’s no surprise that when Al Capone bought his new 1928 Cadillac, he immediately sent it in to be modified to better suit his business needs. Although this car was offered for sale in 2020, it is coming to the market again.

Al Capone’s Bulletproof 1928 Cadillac | Images courtesy of RM Sotheby’s

What car did Al Capone drive?

Like any good mobster, Capone had a stable of cars you could find him in. However, his heavily modified Cadillac V8 is one of the most infamous. As noted Silodrome, the 1928 Cadillac Town Sedan was one of the most luxurious cars on the market at the time. Apart from its fine equipment, it was also one of the most powerful cars, thanks to its 5.6-liter V8.

It is no coincidence that Al Capone used this Cadillac model to build his bulletproof car. The modifications needed to tank his fancy car were extremely heavy, necessitating a powerful powertrain.

How did Al Capone armor his Cadillac?

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The armor process required two main steps and added thousands of pounds of extra weight to the Cadillac. The first step was to replace the original glass plate on the front and back with 1 inch thick glass. The side window frames were also modified in this way. However, the side windows needed a bit more attention. In order to handle the heavy glass, the side windows needed heavy-duty springs to allow the windows to open and close. While Capone surely liked a cool breeze, those windows had to open for him and his buddies to return the fire to the down.

The even heavier lift came when Al Capone’s Cadillac needed steel plates added to the body. Thanks to an interview with 93-year-old Mr. Richard “Cappy” Capstran – one of the guys involved in the bulletproof construction – we now know a bit more about how this process came to be. unrolled.

At just 10 years old at the time, “Cappy” was helping out in his father’s body shop. Silodrome reports that Cappy explained that Capone’s men had brought him a car for some repairs in the past, and the shop had done such a good job that they eventually brought him the brand new 1928 Cadillac to have the car installed. ‘armor.

Capstran senior had told Capone’s men, “We don’t do that kind of work here.” In a classic lesson in gangsterism, Capone’s men replied, “You do it now.” Thus, the steel profiles were cut to fit the doors and body panels before being wrapped in asbestos for fireproofing.

Capone himself came to the store to pick up his new luxury tank. The notorious gangster paid double the cost of the bill. Upon learning of young Cappy’s involvement, he slipped him $10, a small fortune at the time.

How much is Al Capone’s 1928 Cadillac V8 Bulletproof?

Al Capone's Bulletproof 1928 Cadillac
Al Capone’s Bulletproof 1928 Cadillac | Images courtesy of RM Sotheby’s

In 2012, Al Capone’s bulletproof Cadillac was sold at RM Sotheby’s for $341,000.

Even though Capone couldn’t use his new vehicle for a long time, given his almost ten-year incarceration from 1929, this gangster mobile costs a hefty sum in the asking price.

Al Capone’s Cadillac changed hands several times after authorities auctioned it off for its role because the evidence was complete. Sometime in the 1950s the car was restored. Unfortunately, the original sheet steel armor was removed during this process – presumably to reduce the weight to a more manageable level.

Celebrity Cars in Las Vegas tries to sell the infamous gangster’s car with an asking price of $1 million. This offer has been on the table for two years without any takers. Is someone going to take over now?

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