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It really was the car that started it all. Okay, technically the second car started it all. But the first Tesla, the Roadster, looked more like an early draft vehicle and was based on the Lotus Elise. The Model S is all Tesla from top to bottom. It showed the world and other automakers that drivers really want an electric vehicle as long as it is cool.

Introduced in 2012, the Tesla Model S has received a recent refresh with more range, an updated interior, and a rather polarizing fork steering control.

How much does a Tesla Model S cost?

Driving the 2021 Tesla Model S.

The Model S is currently available in two versions. As of this writing, the Long Range variant starts at $ 94,990. It sports a two-engine configuration with standard all-wheel drive. The most powerful Plaid version starts at $ 129,990. It has three engines – two at the rear and one at the front. Both vehicles are subject to a delivery charge of $ 1,200.

Unfortunately, Tesla vehicles are no longer eligible for federal tax incentives. However, there may be state and local incentives for the vehicle. Quick research should help you determine if you can save money on a new Model S.

How does a Tesla Model S hold up after five years?

Tesla Model S 2015

Here’s bad news for those interested in the Model S. Tesla doesn’t have the best manufacturing record. The current Model S hasn’t been on the market long enough to be adequately judged, but it hasn’t received favorable reliability reviews. It is not known how it goes with the latest Model S.

What is the fastest Tesla Model S?

2021- Tesla Model S.

If you’re looking for speed, consider the expensive Model S Plaid. It puts its three-engine powertrain to work to propel the vehicle from 0 to 100 km / h in 1.99 seconds according to Tesla with the deployment subtracted. In other words, they start the timer after the first 12 inches of vehicle movement.

Is the Tesla Model S worth the price?

Driving the 2021 Tesla Model S

With an updated interior, 400-mile range, cutting-edge technology, and the largest charging network available, the Model S as a whole is worth its price tag of around $ 95,000.

What is the real range of a Tesla Model S?

Tesla Model S 2021 battery.

On a ride with the previous version of the Model S, I was able to cover 422 miles driving 65 mph using the vehicle’s autopilot system to keep the speed constant. As with other electric vehicles, the range depends on the driving style and the weather. Cold days tend to decimate the range.

How does it feel to own a Tesla Model S?

2021 Tesla Model S trunk capacity.

The latest Tesla Model S with its updated interior makes it more livable and brings it closer to the luxury vehicle interior aesthetics that its price tag clashes with. That said, the new fork-steering situation creates a driving experience that can put many potential owners off. The problem is the lack of something to grab at the top of the yoke while preventing the turn by hand, which in tight turns on the road and in parking lots could be potentially dangerous.

That said, the vehicle’s long range and Tesla’s rugged supercharger network give Model S a head start over other high-end EVs on the market today.

How are Tesla Model S cars used?

2015 Tesla Model S in black.

Tesla is a relatively newer automaker, relatively speaking, and the Model S is its first true mass production vehicle. With these caveats, long-term issues with the vehicle – especially those made before 2017 – have surfaced, including corroded bolts that hold the power steering system in place and issues with the airbags and belts. safety device on the passenger side. Infotainment screens have also had issues, so keep an eye out for any issues with touchscreens.

It’s also important to note that just because a used Tesla has Autopilot or full self-driving (FSD) software installed and running during a test drive does not mean that the system will be transferred to the new owner. These systems were removed from vehicles after the title changed hands.

Without the legacy of having built millions of vehicles over decades, problems with both hardware and software are to be expected from Tesla. As for the removal of features, that can be alarming and Tesla tends to change their minds regularly on a whole host of issues, including what can be transferred from owner to owner. In other words, don’t pay the premium for the autopilot or the FSD, as it could disappear once the car is in your hands. View Tesla Model S Models For Sale Near You

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